Saturday, June 7, 2008

This Week's Summary

We are starting to get in the groove of our new routine. I take Toby to work 3 times a week. With only one car I have to carefully mark out what will be done on the days that I have the car. I don't want any precious car time wasted!

We make our weekly grocery store, bank, library,errands, etc. trip for one day. We usually have our playdate with our homeschool friend on Wednesdays and afterwards we will have a some girl time by grabbing a bite to eat and hitting a thrift store or some other interesting looking store. Fridays are reserved for any wild hair activity that we get and any last minute errands.

We are fortunate to live conveniently on the outskirts of Austin where it is easy access to any part of Austin we wish to go. UNFORTUNATELY, I am not very direction literate. On Friday Summer and I decided to take a trip to a different area of area that would be considered central Austin and one that we have traveled with Toby many many times. This would be the first trip to that particular area that Summer and I traveled alone.

I was a little nervous about driving around the area. I would consider it to be a road maze and also a very conjested area with insane impatient drivers. Toby went over the directions with me and I thought that I understood. I guess I didn't remember as much as I should have because I drove around and around and around 183 in circles. I could almost see the places that I intended on stopping and I knew they were in my direct area but figuring how to get to them was a lost cause........that is without stopping in the middle of traffic to get my bearings which the Austinites would have not tolerated one bit.

I finally decided to give up and save my gas. A wasted car day. As soon as Toby got home I had him go over directions with me and I found out where I went wrong. Hopefully next trip will be a little more relaxed. :-)

Toby works on Saturday's at the tattoo shop so I never have the car on Saturdays. It's not worth the drive to take him to work and drop him off. In addition, I REALLY don't know how to drive around downtown Austin yet. I am really a wimp when it comes to driving around in unfamiliar places.

Toby had decided he would buy a small motorcycle to get him to work and back. Unfortunately the motorcycle shop had no more motorcycles the size he wanted. With gas prices soaring everyone is trying to jump on the motorcycle bandwagon it seems.

So, Summer and I sat around all day Saturday doing practically nothing. We did swim a little while but it was a little cloudy. With the wind we get around here it makes it a little to cold to swim without the sun. The neighbors weren't home either so that made it even more lonely. Whew, I was glad when the day was over. I ALWAYS dread Saturdays.

Summer said she wanted a french manicure so I covered her toenails in white playdoh.

Summer eating a piece of watermelon after our dip in the pool on Saturday.

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  1. Laura I am also directionally challenged. you could use map quest and print off the map and then have tobe write in the land marks at each turn. I would be lost driving without land marks. I could not tell you street names around this town but if you tell me what it is close to I can usually find it. The "French Manicure" is too cute. LOL Melissa