Saturday, December 13, 2008

Company Christmas Party

Toby had his company Christmas party and for some reason or another wanted Summer and I to attend it with him. I was really reluctant because we have been having some "issues" with Summer this past week.

In the end I decided to go. I would have wanted him to go with me if it were my party so I mustered up the courage to be social when I was not really in the mood.

The party was being held at a the Pasta House pavilion in Lake Travis. I really love the west side of Austin but it really wreaks havoc on my little old lady car. The hills are hell on her.....

Since most kids are in school at noon during a week day, Summer was the only kid there.....besides what few babies were there. There was a teenage home schooled kid there though. He and his father work for the company.

There was plenty of food, alcohol and entertainment.....that is for adults. After a while of being there I decided it was time for a beer. I tried a really good Mexican beer that I had never drank before. Too bad I only got to drink one of them "cause Toby decided he liked the same beer and he was drinking way more than I stopped at one and elected myself the designated driver. After all it was his party.

Summer was pretty bored for most of our 4 hours there but she kept her manners about her and tried to entertain herself as well as she could. I actually was quite bored myself so I knew that this was a special feat for her.

Unfortunately, we couldn't just attend and leave when we got ready. There was a "schedule" to the party. First you ate, then drank, then awards and recognitions, then played the Dirty Santa game, then got your bonus.

I think the only part Summer somewhat enjoyed was the Dirty Santa game. We ended up with a telescope which we have been wanting for a while so that was a plus to the day.

The day was o.k. The part Summer and I enjoyed the most was being with Toby.

Here are some pics of the day:


  1. I love the father, daughter picture...I swear, Austin agrees with Toby, he's gets more and more handsome (the clean cut looks doesn't hurt ~wink~)

  2. I wish I could get something cool playing dirty Santa. I always wind up with the cheesey gift no one wants. Ha Ha