Sunday, December 14, 2008

Threadgills and Austin Nature and Science Center

As I have said before, we have made it a point to try a new restaurant every weekend. We don't have the luxury of eating out a lot anymore like we used to in Mobile so we look forward to trying new restaurants.

There is a popular one here called "Threadgill's". The atmosphere was good and there was live music but the food was not any better than your every day food establishment.

I have found in the past the really best places to eat are usually unadvertised hole in the walls......forget the city guides and go out and search on your own and you will usually find your food jewel. Personally, I like the little joint up the road from us better and it's gentler on my pocket book!

Anyway, after we had our weekly restaurant critique we headed to the ANSC. Summer loves the place and so do I. My whole intent was to take Toby on the trail that led up to the top of a hill where you could see all downtown Austin. He didn't get to go with Summer and I last time we went. I have been wanting to show him for a few months and figured today with the comfy temps would be a perfect day for it.

Unfortunately, for some reason or another they had the gates to the trail locked. There were two other alternate entrances we could have used but they were a good walk away and the trek up the hill is not an easy one. I didn't want to add more steps and we really didn't have all that much time before the Center closed to be doing a whole lot of out of the way walking.

Even so, we had a good time....

Toby and Summer dig for fossils.

Checked out all the rescued animals....birds, vultures, owls, etc..

Searching for the queen in in the glassed in bee hive.

And checking out all the cool things in the "lab".

Next was a quick trip to Walmart to pick up few essentials. I made Toby park near the park area where I saw all the parrots congregating. Of course, when I have him with me there is not one parrot in sight. He still thinks I am crazy but I swear there is a band of parrots here!

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  1. keep your camera in your purse. Hard to beat photographic evidence.