Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Unexpected Fun Filled Day-Day Two

Last night my very first Austin friend Ginny, called me to invite us to a last minute Birthday party they were having for her stepdaughter. I really hate last minute invitations but since it was Ginny I was up for it. If it weren't for her and her family our first month in Austin would have been a nightmare. We needed friends and they were there for us and I will probably always feel a special connection to them for being our "Angels in disguise".

Anyway, enough of the sentimental crap. I was not sure how Lucas would feel about going to a 10 year old b-day party but I knew the temps were only going to be in the low 40's and outdoor activities were out of the question.

So to end my dilemma and make everyone happy, after a brief visit to the party,Toby and Lucas left Summer and I at the party and set off to do some "man stuff" e.g. going to Fry's Electronics and Hobby Town, etc.

Summer was having a great time roller skating. She was born with the knack of roller skating like her brother was. I don't know where they get it's definitely not me. My fun loving friend Ginny forced me to put on roller skates and it only reinforced my opinion of roller skating and made me look like an uncoordinated idiot....blah!

After the party we headed home and enjoyed some good ole' family time with the remote controlled helicopters the boys bought at Hobby Lobby.

We are having a blast!

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  1. where are the pics of you on rollar skates? Ha Ha!! Love ya