Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Counting down......

I have spent the last week preparing for the arrival of my son Lucas. It's not like we have been having the best outdoor weather anyway so I really haven't minded staying in doing "fall cleaning". I'm sure my son doesn't really care how clean the house is, it's just part of my hospitality when a visitor is coming for them to feel comfortable. In addition, I don't want to have any chores hanging over my head while he is here. I want to spend my time enjoying my family.

Speaking of being clean, I have never been one of those spotless kind of people. I have always liked things to be neat,tidy and clutter free, but never really did baseboard or ceiling fans and things of that nature all that almost never. My toilets and kitchen were always the main focus.

Matter of fact, in my old house in Mobile I barely ever mopped...mostly just wiped up when there was a spill. The house was so old and in need of a paint job that deep cleaning would have never been noticed anyway.....and of course very time consuming when there were other things that I wanted to be doing.

Having a brand new home is almost stressful for me. I don't think I have ever cleaned so much in my life! I feel very grateful and blessed to be able to have a new home and I in turn feel the need to "thank" by keeping my home in perfect condition....the way it was when it was acquired, clean and new. I spend more time than I want to keeping this house "new".

I never knew there were so many crevices and places in a house that would collect dust and grime until I started trying to keep one in mint condition. Whew! Now I know why there are things like Mini Maids for people who can afford them. I wonder when I am going to lose the cleaning battle here..........

Anyway, here I am waiting in anticipation of Lucas. I am trying very hard to keep in that moment of now and not thinking about how sad I am going to be when he leaves......

To be quite honest, I am also looking forward to not only having my oldest baby here with me, but having someone here that can tolerate my daughter and remain calm, cool and collective. It will be good for both of them to be together and "play" again and good for mama and daddy to get a little peace and quite.

I have many activities planned that I hope will promote my son' interest in moving westward. I am hoping the weather will cooperate by staying in the 60's and 70's so I will be more of a willing participant in "showing the sights".

Until next time......

No matter what you do, where you are, or what is happening in your lives, be
sure to have as much fun as humanly possible.

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