Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lucas's Arrival -First Day

Lucas finally rolled into Manor about 9:30 Friday night. He would have probably been here a couple of hours sooner but he managed to take a wrong turn and got WAY out of his way. I can say he at least saw an area of central Texas that we have never seen. :-)

It's a good thing he is a good sport. If that had been me detoured 2 hours away from my destination when I had already been in the car for 9 hours straight, I would have not been a happy camper. When he drove up in the driveway he was all smiles and didn't seem a bit agitated, even making jokes about his "sightseeing" adventure.

Saturday morning Lucas and Summer got up and put together the trampoline Lucas brought from Mobile. It is our original trampoline from Mobile and there is a whole story behind it.....I won't bore you with the details, but it's a pretty interesting story.

Here they are putting it together and then taking in some good ole jump time:

After they wore themselves out jumping we headed to Walnut Creek. It is one of my favorite places to go and I knew Lucas would love it because of the treacherous and long bike trails. As I suspected, he loved it there also. Here are some pics:

After we got home we made cookies and watched a movie together...Life is Good.

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  1. So...I like boring stories...please share the trampoline one :~) Awesome shot of the kiddos jumping!

    I know you are thrilled to have your baby boy home...good luck talking him into venturing west to live!