Monday, April 9, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

As Summer slowly ages her way into her preteen years she has become much less interested in the things she used to enjoy doing with me and Toby. It's a normal developmental stage so it doesn't surprise me that she is losing interest in the things that we always have done as a family. We don't hesitate to give her her space and in turn we are entering a different season of our marital relationship.

To take long awaited advantage of our freedom we have been carving in once a week to be our day.  We take our day as an opportunity to do something we know Summer would not be interested in doing.

Last week we took Bo and headed down to Lady Bird Lake located in downtown Austin.  The loop around the whole trail is approximately 11 miles but we usually end up hiking only a selected portion of it when we go.

Lady Bird Lake is one of my favorite places to hike because of my equal love of the city and the country.  I love seeing the tall buildings and city vibrancy of downtown but I also love the lake trail gives you a outdoorsy feel to it with all it's vegetation and wildlife.

Walk with us....

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