Thursday, April 5, 2012


This year I've really been slacking on keeping up with my blog. A little of this and that has prompted me to move my blog to the bottom of my priority list. Actually, I have three started and unfinished posts that may or may not ever get finished. Shame on me.

Matter of fact, I have not even been carrying my camera around with me. When I do get the urge to photograph I have been using my phone camera.

Part of my camera neglect comes from the fact that I really don't like my Olympus camera..or I guess I should say that I can't figure out how to work it well enough to take decent pictures. It's a little more sophisticated than I am accustomed to dealing with.

Anyway, tonight I had a little time to download all the pics off my Iphone onto my computer and realized how many little things that I could have at least written a small post about.

Recently I've had a couple people remind me that I have not been posting lately.

Just this past Monday my friend Robin took me and Summer to explore her 30 acres of land in Bastrop, Texas and more than once she hinted that it would be "blogable" material. Honestly, whether or not it was a hint or not it did spark my blogging interest and make me miss it a bit.

So, I became aware that I need to keep up with my blog a little better.

Here are just a few small highlights to start off with:

Impromptu playdate with our friends in February...

Hanging out at East Metropolitan Park, hiking and fishing...

A hike and picnic with friends at Walnut Creek

Spring Soccer practice and games...

Summer's 11th Birthday Party...

More to come soon...

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