Monday, April 9, 2012

Peeking at the World

Being a homeschooling mom requires that I get pretty creative at times.

Not long ago, Summer was asking me some specific questions about New York City. Having never been to New York City we started googling for the answers.

As we were researching I came across New York City's Live Earth Cam. Summer and I spent at least 15 minutes observing specific parts of New York City via Earth Cam. We had a blast watching the people pose and wave to the camera, watching the street vendors, observing what people wore in a different part of the country, etc.

Since then, we like to take periodic peeks into the Times Square live cam. I think I probably "peek" alot more than she does.

After discovering cams, I realized they are the next best thing to visiting another city...albeit, not much of it but enough that for a second or two I somehow feel connected to these people in a city far away..or sometimes not so far away from me.

Over the last couple of months I have collected a few that I keep a daily check on.

One happens to be of downtown Austin Texas. Even though I live only minutes away from downtown Austin I still love to have access to it when I feel the urge to observe. Every so often a Grackle will land on or near the camera and you can hear and see his/her face while he squawks. I also love to watch it on the weekend nights when I can watch the horse and carriages meander down the streets.

Another one I enjoy is the is the Reindeer Cam. Even though it's not the Christmas season I check in on the reindeer daily to see what they are up to, what the weather is like-sometimes it's snowing there and 80 degrees here, or sunny there and rainy here, or dark there and still sunlight here...

If you have a cam of your city or another you would like to share feel free to post it or email it to me.

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  1. I consider this one of the most boring live web cams going -- this area of Clark Univ. campus is know as "Red Square". Kinda' stupid when you think about it, but Clark's colors are red and white so there's lots of red splattered across campus, on notebooks, banners, etc. Today is "Spree Day" which is supposedly a day of spring celebration. Classes are canceled and activities are planned to relieve the pressures of approaching finals for the semester (last day of this spring semester is April 30th). However, many of the kids start drinking when they get up and stop only when they pass out. I have a 9 a.m. critique class tomorrow morning and it will be the deadest class of the semester.