Saturday, December 1, 2012

To Do

1. Almost 3 years ago on Thanksgiving Day my oven decided to die. To this day I have not have had the luxury of an oven. I miss my oven. I miss baking cookies and pulling a steaming hot casserole fresh out of the oven.

The reason it's not repaired yet? Simply, I'm super frugal about what I spend my money on. We all have priorities where our money is concerned and I have yet to make the decision as to whether it is worth the couple hundred dollars it will take out of my budget to repair my oven. After all, the stove top still works...

TO DO:  Either BITE THE BULLET and repair the oven or fork out the hundreds of dollars it would take to buy another one....or keep bitching about not having an oven and move on.

2. The brakes on my car are starting to make a scraping noise. I don't know how much longer I can drive on them without incurring further damage. I hate car repairs more than anything. My 'mechanic Lucas' is in Alabama and although Toby can do simple car maintenance it's not his forte. Every time I envision car maintenance with him it's never a pretty scene. It most likely will involve alot of cursing and attitude of poor pitiful me, I have to do something other than sit on my ass on my IPhone in front of the T.V.  Whatever it is it won't be pleasant and I approach it's inevitability with a sense of dread. I suck it up and do all sorts of things I despise on a daily basis. It would be such a turn on if he did the same thing.

I have made a mental note that if this brake changing is traumatic for me, the next time our credit card will be put to good use and any other car maintenance will be done by someone else. Period.

TO DO:  Purchase brakes and put aside a day to get the job done.

3.  Bo needs a bath BAD! and I don't mean one of those rinse me off in the backyard underneath the hose with a little dog soap. He needs his yearly grooming....nails clipped, ears cleaned, and some dog perfume.

TO DO:  Luckily this one is easy enough to accomplish. On one of our errand days we need to drop Bo off at the groomer.

4.  The blinds need to be vacuumed and the carpets, although in pretty good condition, but after 5 years worth of foot and dog traffic could probably use a good professional cleaning

TO DO:  I'll probably end up being an el cheapo on this one and rent the Rug Doctor. Again, carve out a day for this venture.

5.  The wind and sun has managed to destroy the fabric tarp over our gazebo so that will need to be replaced by next spring.

TO DO:  Good thing this one doesn't have to be taken care of immediately, but I'm sure it will be one of those things that slip up on me before I know it, so I need to start finding a replacement and pricing in the near future.

6.  I had also wanted to make a small garden in the backyard this fall...somehow the fall has came and is almost gone and I have so many other things taking precedence that the garden has made it's way to the bottom of the list of things to do.

TO DO:  I can't even really seriously think about this one right now. I just perceive a garden as being another thing on my list of things I would have to take care of.  When I think about digging a garden, going to the nursury to find all the veggies to fill it up and then planting them, I really don't mind going to the grocery store after all....

Oh, and there is more these are just at the top of the list.

With all these things that are lurking in the back of my mind that need to be taken care of very soon, all I can think about is how nice it would be to take a mini vacation to Houston or Dallas this week....


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