Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

For the past two weekends the (much needed) rain has put a damper on our planned outdoor activities so I have improvised by doing some experimental cooking, hanging out on my Ipad playing those silly game apps I swore I would never get addicted to, and taking pictures.

This is my philosophy on life lately...

Today for lunch I made a taco rice casserole...gluten free of course. It tasted okay, but it was rather bland in my opinion. I mostly enjoyed the jalapenos that were cooked on top of it....

Toby helped cook breakfast (omelets with bell pepper, mushrooms, onion, Canadian bacon, and cheese) this morning. He flips the omelets MUCH better than I can...

This bell pepper l cut open looked pregnant. It appeared to have baby bell peppers growing inside of it....

For dessert I made this GF chocolate pie. I first attempted to make this pie a couple of weeks ago and screwed it up so bad I had to throw the whole thing away. With food as expensive as it is nowadays, I was determined not to have another disaster. Luckily this time it turned out pretty good I must say!!

With all the rain we have been having the wildflowers have been blooming nicely.....

Texas Red Lantana

Texas Dandelion

Texas Bluebonnet (State Flower)

Pink Evening Primrose
Yucca Blooms

And last but not least, Bo the dog. :-)

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