Friday, April 12, 2013

Soul Friday

I worked in my yard for the majority of the day. It was an absolutely beautiful day with warm temps and the sun beaming in it's usual Texas kind of way which made it irresistible not to be outside soaking it up.

I cut grass, pulled weeds, watered vegetation, and puttered around just enjoying the sunshine.

As I was cutting the front yard grass I noticed a Mocking Bird was following me around taking advantage of the stunned insects as they surfaced. I noted he/she was the only one that was smart enough to use the lawn mower to his/her advantage. Smart bird.

Bo tried to eat the lawn mower practically dragging it out of my hands a couple of times. It only took about two rows before he decided that it was too much work to "kill" and slinked off to a shady spot to nap while I finished up the yard.

With all the energy I was exerting  I still didn't work up enough of a sweat to take a dip in the pool. Won't be long though. Funny, I am the one that bucked having that pool put in the most and now I believe I am the one that enjoys it the most....most likely because I am the one that spends the most time in the yard working up a sweat.....

After I came in and showered I started working on a crochet project I saw on afghan made up of circles....

Toby has been working on some flash art lately....

Aren't we the crafty ones around here??

And you may be wondering where my Skye is while I putter about doing exactly what I want to. Well,  she spends most of her time in her room making videos, moderating and running servers for MINECRAFT, and "conducting business" as she refers to it.

I eavesdrop on her sometimes. She's smart. As controversial as the idea of "Unschooling" is for mainstream society I have to say this is one time that trusting my instincts is paying off.  Our unconventional style of "schooling" has been beneficial in more ways than I could imagine. I have no doubt in my mind Skye will easily climb to the top of a corporate ladder or run her own business one day.  Living in Austin will make this an even more attainable goal for her.

Friday was a good day.

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