Monday, April 8, 2013

I Had To Laugh

This afternoon as I perusing my FB pages I came across this article "10 Most Terribly Overrated Destinations." in the Huffington Post.

In the half decade that we have lived in Austin (and most likely several years before we moved here) Austin has been recognized as being a great city to live in and visit for a number of reasons and has made it's way onto numerous "best of" lists from being the best city for families to best city for economic growth..and everything else in between.

I had to laugh after I read the article because as much as Toby and I love and call the Austin area and Central Texas our home we have often mused about the hype that Austin is given. I mean YES we love Austin because we love the outdoors and not only Austin but the whole Central Texas has more than it's share to offer for the outdoor loving family.

Austin is also and endless pit of opportunities which is beneficial for Skye and has certainly been beneficial for Toby and I financially. I have also grown to love Austin for reasons that aren't even on the "best of list".

All that said, I still don't understand all the hype for Austin to be a travel destination. I mean really, unless you live here Austin really doesn't have that much to offer for the traveler as far as attractions...unless you like to hang out in bar rooms with drunk college kids or hike, bike or boat.

All that said, I couldn't ever imagine myself living anywhere else and even the thoughts of  ever having to makes my heart hurt and my eyes water.

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