Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Picnic in the Park

A few weeks a go I came across a website or an article or something, I can't remember now,  that gave a list of the most haunted places in Texas. Always intrigued by the paranormal I scanned the Austin area to see if there were any sites in our area that we could make a day trip out of.

One listed was The Driskill, which we have been to several times and never seen anything out of the ordinary. 

The next one that caught my attention was the Moore's Bridge at Richard Moya Park. I like bridges and parks.

The legend states in the early 1900's a man was caught having a relationship with a black woman and was hung from the bridge. Supposed apparitions have been spotted around the bridge over the years. If you click on the Moore's Bridge link in the above paragraph you can read the whole story.

As usual, we didn't see any apparitions but we did enjoy our day at the park...

Playing in the creek....

Skipping rocks

I do believe Skye's favorite part of the day was hunting and eating the pecans that had fallen from the numerous Pecan trees around the park.....


Other random pics....


  1. I would love to spend an afternoon gathering nuts, cracking and eating them. They always taste better when you pick up your own!

  2. Good to see you still posting about your life in your little town outside of Austin. I have neglected by blog since Nov. because of traveling, exhibitions to prepare, and of course, school. I found myself with not much to do this morning, and decided to check-in. That girl of yours is growing. And Bo is such a handsome fellow.