Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Day in the Park

With all the stress of moving and relocating for the past couple of months, Toby has managed to get a bad cold virus. With Toby being sick and not feeling well, we have not been able to do much sightseeing. The good news is, the weather finally warmed up a little here in Austin so Summer and I have been able to venture our new neighborhood a little bit.

The other day Toby said, "I feel like this is somebody else's house it's so nice". I agree totally. People walk around the neigborhood walking their dogs and strolling their babies. Kids play in their yards and don't roam the streets unattended. There is no drug dealings on the corner and noone roaming the streets for no apparent reason other than to "mark their territory".

Since Toby was still feeling under the weather today, Summer and I decided to take a trip to the local park. It's not even a mile from the house, so it's very convenient for us. It was sunny and very warm today, so I took my camera for some photos. The park is very, very large. Here are several that will give you an idea of what the area is like.

And before I moved to Texas, I thought Prickly Pears were something you only found being sold in the Walmart garden section. These things grow everywhere around here. They are like weeds here.

Anyway, I know I haven't posted any of the pics of the inside of the house, but I can't seem to manage to get any pics that show the actual inside of the house...they only seem to be showing my furniture, and that's not a pretty picture!


  1. I am extremely jealous of all your sunshine! I've been dying to get outside and walk the forest and other fun stuff, but it's too dang cold up here!

  2. I feel so silly!!! I had your blog in my favorites and I have been checking it all the time, thinking that you had not updated since Dec 31 and wondering what in the world was going on. Who know I needed to click on "2008" to get the NEW news!! Your new house is beautiful and Austin sounds fabulous!! I am dreaming of coming to visit. .Maybe one day. .Molly will write Summer soon!