Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Finally Unpacked After a Week

I can't believe it has taken me a week to unpack, but finally it's done! Well, except for some knick knack stuff and pictures and wall hangings. I am definitely going to take some time out to rest before I start tackling that chore though.

So.....until I get the inside of the house looking up to par, here are some photos of the outside of the house.

This photo actually does not capture how pretty the skyline to the right of the photo is at night. You can actually see the city lights in the distance at night from our backyard.

Our home.

The weather here has been severely cold. We haven't even been able to get out and enjoy the yard or the neighborhood. There is a park/splash pad and pool about a mile down the street that I can't wait to utilize. It's the same park that we went to on Christmas Day.

Next week when Toby is off, I am going to get some pics of the surrounding area and the park. It is so peaceful and quite out here. It's almost traffic noise, no loud radios, no loud ghettos. Only the cows, horses, and the hawks and crows.


  1. Oooohhhh...Your house is so cute! I love the colour! I can't wait to see the inside! That must be really pretty to see the city lights at night from the backyard. You should get a telescope!

    Incidentally...we still don't have all our pictures up on the walls from our move! It's been seven months!

  2. Laura, Just stopped by to check in on your blog updates and wanted to let you know that your house is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a great place to be ....I know you & Summer will enjoy the splash park this year; and the fact that it's only a mile down the road! - Lucky You! Have a great weekend! Sandra