Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Waiting Game

The torture is relentless while waiting on this house to close. It seems like the closer we get to closing the longer time drags. I keep having these nightmarish thoughts of something horribly unforeseen happening at the closing table and us being stuck in this stinkin motel room with the stinking dog even longer. I feel like I have been in jail and I am waiting on my release.

Speaking of the dog, her days are numbered. I have never been a fan of this particular dog anyway, but because I got her for Summer when she was a year old to be the family dog I have always felt obligated to keep her. Well, obligations have been blown out the window.

It takes living inside of a cubicle with an outside animal to bring someone to these conclusions. She constantly wants outside just to run around and sniff, we can't leave her in the room anymore when we go somewhere because she destroys the room. This leaves her stinking ass riding around with us in the car all day. I know your thinking "Well just give her a bath so she doesn't smell so bad" That is a job that is better left to a professional. She hates a bath, therefore fights it...and she is very strong. I wouldn't have anywhere to bath her but in the motel bathroom..yuck! And, she has very thick fur which is hard to clean and she's black, which means she already has a strong odor anyway.

I guess I am just venting about the dog because if it weren't for worrying about what to do with her everyday this room would not be quite so bad. Another thing that has her days numbered is I'm worried about what my newly laid sod will look like after a 70lb dog has been running all over it. AND, the backyard slightly slopes down into the greenbelt so the privacy fence has enough of a gap in it that she would constantly dig and get out to the cows, armadillos, oppossums and whatever other creature might be looming out there. She would drive us crazy insane there!

Enough about the dog, even though there is plenty more that I won't bore you with. I have been a total slack mom too. When we first arrived in Austin, I tried to keep up with Summer's schoolwork in the usual way. After a while all the unorganization and lack of a routine everything has just come to a standstill. For the past month Summer has become a cartoon and video game addict. I really hate it but at this point I feel powerless to erect any sort of schedule. Most of her school stuff in in storage so the most school we get in is reading on the road.....road signs, menus, signs in parks, etc.

Well, the only consolation is to know that things could always be worse. At least we do have a place to stay, we have enough money to live on, and we are all still healthy and most of the time, happy. AND, Toby and I have been married for 8 years today. Happy Anniversary to us!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

    I hope you got to do something special!