Saturday, January 19, 2008

We're Finally Home!

O.k, so we are finally in our new home and somewhat unpacked! The past week has been very exhausting mentally and physically. Without going into the many details, I will tell you there was almost a disaster at the closing table thanks to one Federal Credit Union in Mobile. Seems that the credit union that was holding ALL of our money decided that they did not want to sign a release of OUR money over to the share branch credit union here in Texas. This of course was for our protection! All this is happening 30 min. before the closing at 1:00. After bank and western union hopping for several hours we finally closed at 6:00 p.m. Again, thank God for our realtor, Ginny, who's strong personality took over when Toby and I were about to fall apart, and pulled us through.

Needless to say, we have found a local credit union.

Anyway, just in time for unloading the storage unit and loading the truck, then taking the truck to the house and unloading it again, the weather had turned to sub-zero temps. It was freezing and windy on top of it....then it rained freezing rain. Ugggg.. how awful. At least I can say that we were moving around enough to generate a little body heat. It's still freezing here though. Yuck!

About the house. I love more and more as each day goes on. It is so quite out here. No noisy neighbors or road traffic noise. It's so weird to be so close to a large city, but yet feel like your in the country. You can even stand out in our back yard and see the city (we haven't figured out which one yet) in the distance. It so pretty at night to look out and see the lights of a city and not hear the noise from it.

The house is a two-story and I have gotten enough excercise for 10 people the past couple of days.

I love it here in Texas. After being here for a little over a month, I am still loving to ride around and sightsee. There is SO much to look at. Because of the hills out here, you can always see long distances.

As soon as we are totally unpacked and settled in more, I will post some pics. I almost hate to post pics because I know they could never capture in a picture what it's like here or what the "feel" of the house is....but I will do my best.

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