Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Night Before the Beginning

Well we close on our house at 1:00 tomorrow. It has been a long 4 months between selling our old house, moving to a different state and buying a new home. Even though I would do it again, moving out of state is not an easy task....thank goodness it was a couple of years in the making or I don't think we could have pulled this off financially or otherwise.

I found it a little ironic the way we found a brand new house for a brand new beginning. We had a dream and we created the way for it and now we are finally seeing the fruit. This is really a beautiful and progressive city and we are enjoying being a part of it, and are grateful that we can be a part of it.

It's also has been an enlightening experience to see how little that we actually, as a human species, need to survive and be happy. It became a realization to me today when we took a trip to the storage unit to drop some stuff off. I looked in there and saw all of my belongings and realized how many of our material things we had done without. After we first left for Austin I didn't pack but a weeks worth of clothing, and Summer's schoolwork for a week. Little did I know this is what I would live on for a month. A month doesn't sound like a long time, but let me tell you it is!

On another note, I made the decision to find our big dog a home. Hopefully, she found a home anyway. It's a rather bittersweet thing. I miss her, but yet I am glad to be rid of the burden of her.

Well, I am very tired tonight and we have a very long day ahead of us tomorrow with loading and unloading a storage unit, and closing on the house.

I may not be online for a while so tally ho for now. I'll update A.S.A.P

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