Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some Things Are Better Left Unoticed

Although I love my new home, there are a couple of things that I don't embrace.

I still really HATE the way the people drive around here. It's very fast paced and seems as though everyone drives with a lead foot. They don't really drive recklessly...just very fast. I still have not driven yet. I am a very pokey and a careful kind of a an old lady. Speaking of old people, now I know why I haven't seen many. They would never survive on these city streets! I'm sure that most of the old people must live on the outskirts of Austin. Smart move old folks. :-)

Since the weather had warmed up yesterday, we took a stroll downtown. Austin's downtown is a lot bigger than Mobile's, but not as charming. Mobile's downtown seems more personal and inviting. It would take weeks to see and do all the things that Austin's downtown has to offer.

Anyway, as we walked around we found this really cool park downtown. It's called Waterloo Park. By the looks of it I thought I had found paradise on earth. It seems though that someone already owned the park....homeless people. I can't believe that a park that cool would be allowed to be inhabited by numerous amounts of transients. They even have all their belongings stored there...blankets, boxes to lay on, etc. It's not like they don't have a very large Salvation Army and homeless shelter down there to house and feed them. Anyway, if you can look past all the urine odor and people laying all over the benches it was pretty cool.

There are also peddlers on most corners of the downtown area. I don't believe these people are homeless I just think there are a few people in Austin that make their living collecting on people's generosity.

Today we met up with Ginny at the same bar/restaurant playplace for lunch. After further studying the place it's even nicer than what I thought. There's a few restaurants that back up to this huge playground. So no matter where you eat/drink there is a playground to entertain your kids.....what an invention!

We have began to mold to the motel and "accept what you cannot change". We are still anticipating that wonderful day when we close on our house and have a real home.

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  1. When you said you drive pokey like an old lady, it brought up a memory. Do you remember when I worked at Tim's Family Hairstyles & you picked me up for lunch? You started driving too fast just to scare me (I think), you were cracking up laughing & I was begging you to stop. Do you remember that? lol. . .
    Anyone reading this, that was many years ago, she has changed! lol