Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our First Tattoo Convention

For those not familiar as to what a tattoo convention is, it's where many tattooist, some famous, some not, get together and sell tattoos, advertise, etc. There is really not much for someone like me to do there but to stare. And the only other reason I would say that you needed to be there is if you were getting a tattoo or working there...or if you are another tattooist.

I really wanted to get a pic of lizard guy. He has been on Ripley's Believe it or Not. Toby kept telling me to ask if I could get a pic of him, but the guy just didn't seem very approachable to me. Maybe because he had lizard skin all over his body???

Anyway, they had a tattoo contest there too. Hopefully this pic is not too dark and you can tell what some of the contestants looked like. Summer looks like she was enjoying the show.

It really wasn't all that miserable considering the alternative was to sit in the motel room all day long. While we were downtown we also did some more sightseeing. Every time I go down there I see new things to do.

This was a park along side Town Lake....that wasn't infested with transients.

Check out this woman doing Yoga at the end of the pier.

Summer with the stupid dog that now has to go everywhere with us because she destroys the motel room while we're away. We let her out of the car for a little while to pee . She is really a big PIA and if there was some way I could get rid of her without Summer knowing I had anything to do with it, I would.


  1. What's a PIA? I thought about it & I can't figure it out. . .

    That park or whatever it is looks really pretty with the city buildings behind it.

  2. Nevermind, it just hit me! lol

    I'm a dingle!