Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reasons to Love Austin

The first and foremost is that they have a homeschool convention here! I have always wanted to attend one of these curriculum fairs but there were never any close enough to me to warrant attending. do I say this in a nice way? Well, in public play places the kids don't run you over or "take over" and trash the place so that no one else gets to enjoy it either. Don't get me wrong, there are demon children everywhere, but they are kept to a minimum here.

There is not near as much trash thrown all over the roads/highways. And the fast food restaurants aren't scary to eat in.

The weather is much like Mobile's but with one difference. There isn't as much humidity in the air which leads to super dry skin and fly away hair. I don't really like this aspect right now, but I have the feeling once the weather warms up this will be a plus.

The men around here don't leer at you here like they do back home either. They are very polite and they don't stare and act like dogs in heat.

The people around here seem to be very intellectual and educated. They have a plan of action and strive for more...but yet they know how to enjoy life too. They are also very health and environmentally conscious too. There are a lot of places to walk, bike and do outdoor things around here, which is probably why you don't see the obesity problem here that you do back home. I'll have no excuse for my gut living here.

Although most of our stay here has been bliss, (except for the motel room) the hispanic influence is strong here and if Toby and I don't take up a spanish course we will continue to look like idiots. Even when they do speak english, it is so broken that we both have a problem comprehending.

I'm hoping that Summer will make a little latino friend and learn some spanish along the way. Being young, I'm sure she will pick it up quickly.

Oh, and the worst thing of all. They don't have a Books-a-million!

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  1. sounds really nice there! sorry about no books-a-million. . .what about barnes & noble?
    I started dieting on Jan. 1. Wish me luck. So far so good. . .