Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Glance At Our Week

On Sunday we didn't do much of anything.....seems to be the story of our life lately. I did want to check out a new nature trail nearby that is being worked on. Unfortunately, when we went looking for it I couldn't find it. If Toby wasn't with me I probably would have searched a little harder but he hasn't been very patient lately so I didn't want "irk" him.

I have found an extracurricular activity that I am going to involve Summer and I in this year. There are so many parks, trails and preserves out here that there are alot of volunteer opportunities for cleanup and park upkeep. We love being outdoors and this would be a perfect opportunity to be involved in the community. Summer and I used to do litter patrol in our old neighborhood in Mobile but now that we live in a nicer neighborhood we don't have to do much litter patrol.

Unfortunatley, the next clean up day is scheduled for a day when we are having homeschool day at the Pionneer Farms and I don't want to miss it. We'll have to catch the next one...that will give the weather time to cool off anyway.

After we couldn't find the new trail we just rode on down to our favorite Walnut Creek Park, only it's not a creek anymore. It was still nice to walk around down there.

We always find fossils down there but Toby found a really good one we couldn't really identify.

On another note, I have seen a few strangely decorated vehicles here. I have seen a car covered in panel to panel stuffed animals and other strange decorated cars. I never have my camera when I see these vehicles and if I do they usually are driving by so fast I can't snap the photo. While at the park I was lucky enough to find a parked one. Here is a shot:

A while back Summer's grandmother had given her an antique tea set. I had kept in my china cabinet so it would be safe. Then I remembered something my friend Candy had said one time, she said "what good is having keepsakes it you can't use them and enjoy them" So we have been using the tea set all year to have "tea parties".

It's amazing the simple things that will entertain kids if you don't endulge them with all the material things. We pull out the tea set every couple of weeks and have a tea party. Summer invites her next door friends. We have "crumpets" (toasted buttered bread cut into small squares) and water.

I lead them in "tea conversation" and play as the server. They all love this and requires very little effort on my part.

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  1. I love that your neighbour's boys are at the tea party! Cool!