Friday, August 8, 2008

This and That

As you can tell by the sparse posting there has also been sparse activity around here. We did have our weekly playdate last week at Chuck E Cheese. We had some good coupons so it was a pretty inexpensive day. The girls played games while Angela and I sat and chatted......always a good thing for the mama's.

Toby has been really tired and out of it. I don't know how long he can go on working so much without collapsing. He insist on keeping his tattoo job though. It's a dream of his and he refuges to let it go. Sometimes I wonder if he is just being a hard head to prove some kind of point......I don't know whether it's to himself, GOD, or everyone else. Either way, Summer and I are losing out too. I guess sometimes you have to take the whole ship down just to kill a single enemy.

On another note, I got some disturbing news last night. My son called to inform me that his stepbrother (my ex's stepson) had committed suicide. Something about the suicide phone call is always worse than the regular somebody has passed phone call.
With the suicide phone call you always start thinking about what it was you didn't see, what you could have done, what you shouldn't have done, why, ....the list is endless.

I have heard it said that suicide is a form of cowardness. Somehow, I don't see taking a loaded gun to your head as cowardness. That takes more nerve than I can ever conjur up.

I mostly can't help but feel for the parents of this poor child. I have known Andrew's parents for years and I'm sure their grief must feel unbearable for them right now.

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  1. Laura I am sorry and I will keep you and the boy's parents in my prayers.