Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Krause Springs August 27, 2008

Happy 34th Birthday Toby! Today was not only a birtday celebration but the beginning of our yearly vacation. After leisurly being able to wake up without an alarm clock, Toby opened up his gift from Summer and I (a digital photo frame) and we got ready for our daily destination to Krause Springs.

Before we hit the swimming hole we had to pick up our rental that we are going to take to Mobile. The rental was at Austin's airport. We hit a little, in a way, kinda funny snag. After I grabbed the parking garage ticket from the meter thingy I handed it to Toby. We had already rented our car online so all we had to do was check in our info and grab our car.

When had only "ordered" a mid-size car but when we got out there to grab the car someone had'nt done their job properly so we ended up getting a minivan. Toby and I are really not minivan type people and the thing is like a big white bus to me. After all, we have only one kid!

After driving it to Krause Springs today, we figured it was a blessing in disguise. We have plenty of room for our stuff and Summer can even stretch out and nap back there.

Anyway, back to the parking garage ticket. Toby got the rental and we agreed on meeting up the road outside the airport at a gas station. After Summer and I walked miles back to the car I realized that Toby had the parking garage ticket with him. Long story made short, I decided I would try and get out of the airport without the such luck. Lost ticket is $20! I hoped eventually Toby would start missing me and search for me because there was NO WAY I was paying $20 when I had only used 30 minutes of their parking garage! I told her I would sit there all day if I had to because eventually Toby would come looking for me and the issue would be resolved. Well, I did sit there and true to my word hubby did wonder what happened to me and came back looking.

Once all the bull was solved we headed on out to Krause Springs. It's a beautiful drive to the springs and I enjoyed sightseeing the southwest side of Austin.

Here are a few pics from our day,

Hmmmm......wonder what lives in there:

One of the rare pics you'll see of all three of us together. A nice man offered to take a pic of all of us together:

I have never seen such big wind chimes. They were absolutely beautiful and they made the most beautiful peaceful sound:

I loved this "kiddie pool" area. The water was crystal clear and it felt wonderful:

Notice behind Toby the cave. We were advised not to swim into the cave because there is no telling who or what lives in there. I'm sure they don't have to tell people twice not to swim into the dark cave:

Random pics:

I thought this was a pretty flower. I had never seen one like it before:

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