Friday, August 1, 2008

This Week's Summary

We are about to break record temps here in Austin. We are going on the 30 something day of triple digit temps. The temps really don't bother me as bad as not having any rain going on 3 months along with it. I am from the tropical Mobile and use to having some afternoon rain to go along with my humidity.

It is sweltering and VERY dry here. The roads and the ground have big cracks in them and the small creeks are all dried up. From the news reports our aquifiers are even getting to the "critical condition" thanks to this bubble of high pressure thats been hovering above us for it seems like forever.

Unfortunately, in the next week the temps will be higher in the triples to 103-105. God only knows what my power bill will be this month. And of course, still no rain in the next week's forecast.

On another note I have a small funny story. I have already told you the way these "Austinites" drive. Well, the other day Summer and I were out running errands. While driving, I was having some issues with the way people were driving. I commented to Summer that we needed to start running these "Austinites" off the road. She then said "Mom, we ARE Austinites!" At that point I realized that my daughter considered herself a part of Austin where as I still obviously still consider myself an outsider/visitor. The little ones sure are resilent aren't they?

We also had homeschool playdate this week. We met at a large water sprinkler park. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pics.

The older girls were having a blast but as usual Angela's baby can't hang as long as the older girls. She'll be right there with them in a couple more years, but for now playdates are time limited.

Toby has been working on a firetruck that has been causing him to put in a lot of overtime. He has been working until 6:00 p.m or later every night this week. He has still been working his weekend job too so he is a pretty tired hubby lately and Summer and I are missing our 3rd half.

I have been trying to mentally prepare for our Mobile trip we are taking in a couple of weeks. If there was any way I could poop out 3 plane tickets I would. The thoughts of being in a car for 11 or more hours is a stressful thought. The upnote on this is we are going to rent a car for the trip. My car does not need any extra wear and tear and it would be nice to have a little larger more comfortable car for the may even make the trip more tolerable. We'll see.

Not really much to report on lately, but for the sake of the blog this is all I have got.

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  1. Laura where were you when you took that fabulous picture on your home page. Makes me want to come see you and the scenery more and more. Hugs to Summer from Kathryn and Me. Lots of love always Melissa