Sunday, August 3, 2008


Today is Toby's only off day for the week. I'm in a sort of way trying to postpone most of my sightseeing trips. It's just been too hot to enjoy nature right now.

So, our plan was to go see a movie....Journey to the center of the Earth. Unfortunately when we got to the theatre I discovered the movie is in 3D. Summer and I both hate 3D movies. She hates them because she doesn't like the sensation it gives of something coming at you and I just hate trying to keep those stupid glasses on.

I didn't see anything else on the marquie that looked interesting enough to sit in a movie theatre and watch. If Toby was disappointed he was being a good sport.

We ended up going to the mall and walking around. I'm not really a mall kind of person but the mall was different and I had only been there one time before.

After the mall we decided to just go back home and spend time at our pool down the road. There is not much else you can do comfortably in this kind of weather but hang out in the water.

I did see a rather unusual thing while at the pool. There was a family of 4 that were riding their bikes around the walking track that winds past the pool.

First of all, even the warmth loving person that I am, would never ride a bike in 103 temps. The worst part about this family is the man had on long blue jeans and the mom had on a long sleve shirt and long pants! Fortunately, the 2 kids seemed to be dressed appropriately. I guess these people weren't from around here or either they had a very high tolerance for the heat.

The pool has been great lately. I guess everyone is sick of swimming or either taking shelter indoors in the cool air. The past couple of weeks there has been hardly anyone in the pool, leaving us a very large pool to ourselves.

It was an o.k day.

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