Sunday, August 24, 2008

Waterpark Again

Summer had been wanting to go to the circus that's in town but with us traveling to Mobile this week I didn't really want to spend the extra money it would take to go.

So as a compromise Toby and I secretly made plans to go to the Rock 'n River Waterpark in Round Rock (a city right outside Austin) I made arrangements to pick up her little friend Jordan to join us. It's always more fun when you have a friend at these kind of places.

She was so excited when she found out the plan. I was really impressed with this smaller waterpark. It only cost $3 per person and we had a blast. No walking for miles or waiting in mile long lines!

Here is a pic of Summer coming down the slide:

Here is Toby dragging Summer to the bucket water dumper:

Taking a snow ice snack break:

On the lazy river:

We all ended up having a blast! Unfortunately all the water parks and pools around here close on Labor Day so that was the last bit of water fun for the year.....unless we go swimming in the Colorado.

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  1. there is always the back yard. It does not close until you want it too. : )