Sunday, October 5, 2008


Being that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, we have been waiting on the day that we could decorate our home and celebrate the holiday. This will be our first major holiday in our house and we are looking forward to being able to walk around trick or treating in our OWN neighborhood.

So instead of an activity today we chose to run errands, eat out, and decorate the house for halloween.

Toby and I have been wanting a bike for a while now. We have plenty of places to ride a bike around here and since the weather has cooled down and Toby made a little extra income tattooing this weekend, we decided to purchase a bike. We can only afford one bike at a time so we got Toby's first since I don't mind riding a man's bike. ( He refused to ride around on a pink bike :-))

He tried to convince me to get a bike first and I'm glad I declined the invitation now. I took the man bike for a spin around the block when we got home. Our neighborhood is very hilly and I thought I would die before making it back up the hill. If I had got my bike first I would have felt very obligated to make use of it. I think I will stick to walking. It takes a lot less energy on my part. :-)

Anyway, here are some pics of our decorated house......

A little evening snack after a long hard day.

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