Saturday, October 25, 2008

Austin Gem and Mineral Show

Even though I slightly remember Mobile having a Gem and Mineral show this one would be my first.

Not realizing what I had done, I signed up for the Friday "homeschool day" where we get in for free. Unfortunately, so did every other "schooled' kid in Austin. The place was cram packed with telling what virus we contracted while we were there.

Summer did manage to hold a fossilized dinosaur egg.

They got to dig for stone treasures to take home and learned a little bit about jewelry making.

After a couple of hours in the "rat cage" Angela and I couldn't take it anymore. We headed outside to the park area outside the events center for a snack and some fresh air and sunshine. The weather was perfect and it was very relaxing outside.

Here are the girls rolling down the hill and playing in the water play fountain.

While we were at the park area KVUE news team was there. The girls thought they would get to be on T.V. so they hung out around them like groupies. In the end they were just out there shooting a commercial. The guy setting up was nice enough to give them a mini lesson on t.v. commercial setup.

After our park break Summer and I decided to go back into the show. There were some rock pendants that I had spotted in there but it was so crowded earlier I couldn't get close enough to them to see what I wanted.

It was like night and day! All the school kids had left and it was so nice to be able to walk around peacefully. We even got to do and see some things we weren't able to before. I know next show to go in the afternoon hours.....that is if I don't mind being stuck in Austin's grid lock I-35 traffic. :-)

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