Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Elgin Christmas Tree Farm

My friend Angela and I decided to take the girls on a trip to the Elgin Tree Farm where they were having hayrides and pumpkin activities until Halloween. The weather was nice and crisp so a Halloween activity sounded great for a playdate.

If you remember Elgin is a city located about 10 miles west of Manor. It's the city that I have mentioned before that reminds me of Alabama. I don't know why but there is just something about Elgin that I just don't like.....I don't know if it's the people, the resemblence to Alabama or both.

I usually don't venture into Elgin unless there is something specific going on that piques my interest.

On with the story. We arrived at the farm and of course, right when we arrived so did about 4 school bus loads full of kids. Every homeschoolers nightmare but we were determined to have a good time anyway.

When we arrived Angela and I went to pay our entrance fees while the girls played on some of the structures/activites that were on the grounds.

Luckily, we got to go on the hayride minus the school groups.

There were also some farm animals there they got to look at.

Our morning soured soon after the hayride. We were letting the girls play on the grounds a little longer before we left. They were over at the water duck racing activity that was near the pavillion where a group of school kids were being read a story.

It seems the girls were laughing loudly while they were playing the game and distracting the school children from the story that was being read to them by the owner of the farm. By the way, what kid wants to be being read a story when he/she is on a field trip with so many other activities???????? They were probably thinking how they would rather be playing the duck racing game than sitting still like they have to do all day long anyway.

Long story made short, the OWNER who was reading the story sent one of the school children's mother over to scold the girls and shoo them aways from the duck activity. Of course Angela and I were livid and stunned at the same time. We paid money to go there and enjoy the activites just as they did. I was appalled that the owner had actually sent one paying customer over to another paying customer to shoo away and scold our children.

Needless to say, the farm got a piece of our minds. The farm refunded our money.

Since I have been living in Texas, this is the first time I have been dissatisfied with a facility.....I'm sure it won't be the last.

We had fun while it lasted. Afterward they came over and we made homemade pretzels and hung out at my house. It is so nice to live in a house that I don't mind inviting people over. I don't have to worry that my neighbors might try to sell drugs to them or worse.

This is off topic but what is ironic is that our drug selling neighbors in Mobile moved IN 6 months after we did and they also moved OUT 6 months after we did. We found this info out after we visited Alabama back in August.

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