Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hiking a Trail

The good news is Toby changed his hours at the tat shop so we now have Saturdays free to do family stuff. He will be working Saturday nights now as opposed to Saturday days. This is the first weekend he had the hours and I LOVE them. Now I feel like I at least have a whole weekend with him.

Yesterday we just shopped around Austin checking on some things we have on our "want/needs" list and just enjoying being out and about together.

We stopped in at Michaels Craft store and they were having family craft day. Here is Summer's pumpkin creation she made:

Since it has cooled down some, I have been itching to go trapsing through the woods. We decided to go back to Granger Lake since the last time we were there we didn't get to check out the hiking trails. I also love the scenic relaxing drive......although I don't think that most of the drivers on that road were enjoying my "Sunday driving". :-)

Once we got there we got to work hunting down the trail. I say we had to hunt it 'cause for some reason there wasn't anybody at the gate taking our money so therefore I didn't get a trail map.

We ended up finding the trail. Of course, during the day it's still a little warm so it was nice that most of the trail was shaded.

We knew from the previous visit there was a 'trail museum" so that was my focus....finding that museum. Along the trailway we came upon this bridge. The podium gave the info on the bridge. The story goes the bridge is haunted. We didn't see any spectors though.

After traveling the trail for awhile we came to an opening with a park area. Summer played on the park equipment while Toby did his usual.....poop.

Summer was also taking a water break and trying to figure out how the water pump worked:

We finally found the "museum". It was actually just a billboard glass area with info on the land and it's early inhabitants. Seems there was also a haunted house on the land too that no longer exists, due to a fire, except for the chimney parts.....we didn't see that one. I forgot to get a pic of the museum it was so insignificant.

At this point we are starting to wear down so we head to the lake area. I was curious to see what the lake looked like with the drought conditions we have going on here. It was pretty bad. There was actually a sandy shore area because of the water reduction.

The area we went to was not the public area so we had to climb down a mountain of rocks to get to it. Climbing down them was a lot harder than climbing back up.

We finally decided we had enough of the outdoors and headed home, but not before stopping at the local Dairy Queen for a tasty treat. :-)

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