Saturday, October 25, 2008

"To Be Continued"

After hours of being at the Crow's Nest we got a little hungry for real food. We decided to check out the Ghost Town Burgers in Manor.

The Elgin Pet Society was having a Halloween celebration later on during the evening. We got there during the time they were setting up.

We ordered our burgers and relaxed under the eating area taking in the excitement of a ghostly celebration. We also got to look around the ghost town close up instead of driving by it on the road. It's really a neat place with plenty of room for kids to run around.

I really would have enjoyed staying into the night to see what they had in store but Toby had to go to work.....and I had already had such a full day.

We did get to walk around and get a glimpse of what was to looked like it would be a blast.

Summer also tried her hand at horseshoes. She seemed to really "get into it".

Here are some more miscellaneous pics...

Like I said earlier this little halloween shin dig was being put on by an animal society so there were pics of animals posted that were in need of adoption. I found it rather coincidental that there were some pics of two cats side by side with Summer's whole name ....Summer might have to click on the pic to see the names...weird huh??

After we got home I made the mistake of riding the bike down to check the mail. The hill back to the house was about to kill me after all the walking I had done already. I think I need to pep up my exercise routine.

I think I had the most fun today this past week than I have had in a while. I am very grateful!

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  1. YAY! I'm glad you had a fun week. Loved all the pictures. .and reading your account of it all.