Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Manor Farmers Market

After Toby got off of work today we headed up to the Manor Farmers Market. They have the Farmers Market every Wed. This week they had advertised they were having free pumpkins and activities for the kids. I hate to miss any Halloween festivities and with this one being right down the road I figured it would be a nice treat for Summer.

Thankfully we got there early to get all the freebies....calendars, cookbooks, trailmix, pens, huggers, etc.

I bought some fresh green beans and sampled some very HOT salsa without anything to chase it down with. :-)

Summer entered a sack race and won 3 times! Toby even had a go of was very amusing to all of the adults there.

There was a lady there with a spinning wheel. She was telling and showing how to spin wool.

And of course, the adult excercise equipment that I think the kids get more use out of.....personally, I think they should have put playground equipment there instead of the excercise stuff, but what do I know....

This week has consisted of our play date at Zilker Park...the biggest and best park in Austin. We even rode the Zepher, the train that rides you around Zilker park. It was a perfect day for the park.

And of course our new addition has been a handful so we have a little more animal entertainment nowdays...

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