Thursday, October 2, 2008

A New Friend and a New Family Member

I am a member of a local homeschool splinter group that I have never met up with. They have park days weekly so I was trying to get info on which park they were going to be so that I could check them out. I never got any response when I posted on the far as I know the group may be dead.

Anyway after I posted I did get an offlist e-mail from a member of the group.....she also thinks the group is dead 'cause she could never get any responses from them. We set up a time and met at a park. So long story made short, I have a new homeschool friend, Tamara, in addition to my first homeschool friend here, Angela. My future plan is to create my own little group modeled after my original group in Mobile minus the crazy religious fanatics that somehow got invited in along the way. :-)

Speaking of crazy religious fanatics, recently I met the lady a couple of houses down from me. She has 3 boys ranging in ages 1 to 6 yrs. She is homeschooling her kids but she always seems really stressed and negative about the whole mom thing. I haven't really figured her out yet so I'll just leave it at that.

So I have had a very busy week with 2 park days. Angela had a doctors appt. on the park day I had with Tamara and her little boy so we did another park day the next day. Angela brought craft stuff to make Halloween T-shirts. Since it's the holiday season we have been trying to have crafts for them to do each week.

Oh, and we have a new cat. I had promised Summer before we moved to Texas that she could get another cat to replace the one that got ran over in Mobile, when we moved into a house that was not on a busy street. Well, she all of a sudden remembered that promise a couple of weeks ago and had been on me about getting "her cat".

It was really a strange way we got the cat. I had met up with Tamara at a park in Elgin. I had researched and knew there was an animal shelter in Elgin. I had planned on taking Summer to the shelter after the park and let her pick out a cat.

Well during my chatting with Tamara she all of a sudden looked at me and asked me if I wanted a kitten. It shocked me a little 'cause right at the moment she asked me I was mentally thinking that I needed to leave so that I could be at the animal shelter before they closed. I told her that I was actually looking for a cat.

We ended up following her back to her house and picking up our new addition to the family. The cat is part bobcat which is really interesting. I don't think Summer has put it down since we've had her/him.

Of course Brandi was ecstatic about a new playmate, but I don't think the kitten is really crazy about Brandi. She hissed and spit the first day but now she will let Brandi a little closer to her. I'm hoping they will become good animal buddies. Everyone needs a friend. :-)

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