Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun With Family

My oldest brother and his family from Vietnam decided to spend the last half of their vacation in the states in Austin. Over the last few years we have been making it a habit to see each other once a year which helps greatly with the tears not flowing when they leave.

I'm not going to go into great detail about our weeks events and post mostly pics.

Here we are at Johnny Rockets having lunch after a shopping trip to the San Marcos outlets.

The next day was Six Flags. It was the first time Summer had ever been to a big theme park. She was imagining the rides to be like the ones at state fairs and was a bit surprised to see how big a real roller coaster is.

I think this is what my brother thought about Six Flags...

The next day was my favorite. We floated down the Comal River and then went to nearby Landa Park.

On our last day together we toured the Texas Memorial Museum and afterwards had lunch at Dave and Busters which was a real treat for the girls.

It was a great week and I think we all enjoyed being together again...

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  1. You know, lady, your "photoing" is getting not only better, but more interesting. I guess it's all that practice.