Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Recently I was doing some paperwork spring cleaning. I came across a clipping that I had saved from an old newsletter I used to receive.

I thought it hit the nail on the it is:


Have you ever wondered why some people wake up in the morning as chirpy as the busy birds out side the window, while others wake up grumpy? Ever wonder why some people seem happy most of the time, while others are withdrawn, sad, depressed, or bitter??

It is all in attitude. Changing the way you think about things. Is the glass half full, or is it half empty? Is the sun bright and beautiful or is it hot and miserable?

Every situation in life has two sides as we have good we also have to have evil, for without evil we would not recognize good. Without cold, there would not be any warm. Without noise, we could not recognize the beauty of silence. When Einstein failed, he didn't think failure, he basically thought, oh I have found one more way that my idea won't work.

Attitude and how you perceive things are the key to your own happiness. If you are feeling overwhelmed in a situation in life, rather than sitting there feeling sorry for yourself, think positive. Find something that you can learn and gain from the situation.

A death in the family is a tragic thing. But look around, did the death not bring the rest of the family together for grieving and emotional support and closer to each other? Didn't they talk about memories of their loved ones? Did not death bring into mind the frailty of life and the knowing that you could leave this world any minute and that tomorrow could be your last day? Did you do all you wanted to do in this life time yet? Or, have you sat back making excuses for each day of why have not reached for dreams?

Attitude. Wake up in the morning, smile in the mirror, welcome each day with the love you would give to your precious child and savor the day. When things are down, turn them around. When things are happy, pile that happy time into your mind where you can pull it out anytime you need a bit of cheering up. Embrace life and be grateful for the things in life.

Attitude. Have you ever noticed how happy it feels to give? Giving of ourselves is a wondrous thing. To see the smile of gratitude upon someones radiant face. Or hear the small thank you for your help, is a great way to start on an attitude change.

Attitude. Don't fixate on small things. Look at the larger scale. It is amazing that in the a true crisis, you can rise up to the challenge, but it is always the last little small thing that throws people into an angry fit.

Remember, many people are born blessed with good health and money and are not happy. And, many people who have suffered and struggled are the happiest of all. It is all on how you look at it. So, keep your chin up, and try to find the bright side to every situation that life throws you, for inside yourself lies true happiness!!!

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  1. I am a firm believer in that newsletter clipping. In fact, I believe that we can create new possibilities for ourselves if we just remain positive and believe that what we want is not only attainable, but is *going to happen*. It's Law of Attraction! :-)