Thursday, July 8, 2010

Passing a Rainy Day Away

Although rain is always welcome in drought ridden Texas I would prefer it to rain at more convenient times. Ha! As if we can put in weather requests to Mother Nature.

Nevertheless, I referred to my list of rainy day ideas. I chose another museum we have not been to yet...Austin History Center. I have to say the website was much more intriguing than the actual museum. In the museum I didn't find any of the cool pics or interesting info that I saw and read about on the website.

Summer did find the computer with all the good stuff on it...she didn't share it very well...

O'well, the trip wasn't totally wasted. We did find a great new restaurant to eat at downtown, Casa Chalapa and it also gave me a chance to view beautiful downtown Austin. The only reason I don't venture downtown more often is because I HATE driving and finding parking down there.

Since it was raining and we had other errands to run our downtown trip was short but sweet.

Here are just a few shots I made of Congress Avenue from inside of the car...


  1. Good shots. Raining and from a car, yet. Downtowns of big cities are always like that ..... lotsa traffic and lotsa traffic and no parking. One of the reasons I moved to Montana but once in a while I miss the over powering smell of carbon dioxide, bright lights and el mucho concrete.

  2. Isn't it sad that some museums are much more interesting and chock full of information from your desk chair than in person? We've found that to be true too many times! And if you get stuck with a hefty entry fee, it makes it all that much more painful! :-)