Friday, July 2, 2010

Memories From the Past - All Choked Up

It's been awhile since I have posted any Memories From the Past but this particular memory was brought up in a conversation between Toby and I last night so I decided to share.

A little backround first. Although my ex Frank and I weren't too good at living together we always tried to keep our relationship amicable after our separation. I'd like to say that it was always for our son's sake (and a part of it was) but in hindsight I think it was mostly because we had shared a life and child together and liked each other enough we really didn't want to keep hurting each other any more than we already had in the course of our relationship.

So, at times we would associate on a friendly level. Toby and Frank have shot a few games of pool together and Franks wife and I were friends before they even got married.

One particular Memorial Day weekend a few years ago Frank's wife happened to be out of town. Frank ended up coming to our house to help Lucas work on his car and hang out with him.

Toby and I were grilling out and having a couple friends over so we invited Frank to stay and eat with us.

We all were sitting around eating our grilled feast when I noticed Frank looked a little blue and had a distraught look in his eyes.

There was a lot of banter and laughter going on but eventually I noticed there was something wrong with Frank.

I asked him if was o.k and he just shook his head NO. I knew that when he shook his head NO he was really in trouble.

Everybody was involved in conversation and I think Toby and I were the only ones that noticed Frank was in trouble. It took me a minute to get Lucas attention.

Anybody who knows me knows that I don't think quick on my feet and if you are going to expect me to save your life it probably won't happen. I panic and lose all

Luckily, Toby had took notice there was something wrong with Frank too. It's all sort of a blurr in my mind now but next thing I remember is Frank getting up and exiting the living room out the back door.

Toby follows him out the door with a chair in hand. Why the chair you ask?? Well because my ex is much taller than Toby. He knew if were going to have to do the Heimlich on him he would need to be able to reach up to him.

Once Frank made it out the door he promptly unclogged the lodged piece of meat on his own. I will spare you the details but I will tell you Toby was the lucky one to witness it....and maybe Lucas. I can't really remember.

Once the ordeal was over in a matter of 5 minutes Frank came back in and resumed eating his meal as if nothing had happened.

I just shake my head in remembrance of the meat incident. It's funny the memories that stick out in our mind....

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  1. I bet that was scary but how on the spot of Toby to think ahead to grab a chair. Glad he is ok