Sunday, July 4, 2010

Winning The Lottery

Most of us all probably have had day dreams about winning the lottery. Most of us have even played the lottery in hopes of winning that large sum of cash.

We play in hopes of winning but not really believing we will ever win. Some of us won't even buy a ticket believing that we won't win anyway so why waste our money.

There was once a man called Santiago, who prayed to win a lottery every day. “Estimado Dios”, he addressed God in Spanish, “could you please let me win a lottery just once”, he asked. He died without winning one single prize.

When he saw God on the other side of the Universe, Santiago asked Him, why He didn’t let him win the lottery just once. God responded: ”You should have bought a lottery ticket at least once”.

Have you ever felt like Santiago, dreaming to achieve something without making a single step towards it? You can't even have a chance of winning if you don't play.

I'm sure there are many arguments against playing the lottery. Since I have lived in Texas I have played the lottery almost weekly. No, I am not broke from playing the lottery. I spend a couple dollars a week for my chance at financial freedom.

Buying a lottery ticket is not wasting money at all. It's buying a chance to be wealthy. I am buying a chance to improve my bank balance and mine and my family's quality of life. Smart move I would say.

So anyway, I am one of those people that KNOW I am going to win the lottery. Over the past few years I have become pretty good at manifesting the things I want or need.

I remember when I first started practicing manifestation I requested from the Universe $10,000. Only a day or two passed before I got my requested $10,000.

Walking across my front yard I looked down and something caught my $10,000!

I would say the Universe has a sense of humor. This is what I picked up off the ground.

Notice that it is indeed my requested $10,000. I guess I just have been more specific in my request. Notice at the top of the fake $10,000 bill it says "Heaven Bank Note". Now you tell me if "God" doesn't work in mysterious ways.

I have also heard stories about people who have won the lottery and squandered their millions away in a short amount of time. The way I see it if you can't manage your money when you're poor you certainly won't be able to manage it when your wealthy. It's all about management not quantity where money is concerned.

So, daily I think about what I am going to do when I get my winnings. Unlike most people I'm not dreaming of a large luxurious home a fancy car or a closet full of new clothes.

I plan on sharing a portion of my wealth with my favorite people.

In addition I plan on taking all my favorite people on a all expenses paid cruise. A cruise is a luxury every human should experience and I think it would be especially fun with my favorite people.

I plan on keeping a portion to "play with" and a larger portion to invest.

Most of all I will enjoy the luxury of being able to hop on a plane and visit my long distance family members whenever I get the urge to see them. This is the thing I most want.

Sure, I'm sure once I have millions of dollars sitting in my bank account I will come up with a few more ideas on how to spend and invest it.

All in all, I plan on living my life just the way I do now just with a few extra perks and the peace of mind that when I die my kids will be left with something instead of nothing.


  1. Now this is a fun post to read. Your $10,000 experience made me laugh! Loved that. .Yeah, my daydreaming of having a pile of money never involves anything totally extravagant either. Just having a paid-for house and freedom to do lots of little things like visit friends and family whenever I want is my idea of luxury. When you win, I wanna be on that cruise ship for the party!! ;)

  2. Hi found you on Sherri's list. I always buy a lotto ticket, too. I actually don't know why because I think winning a huge amount of money would be a burden but I still buy my ticket. My admiration to you for home schooling. I also like the prairie flowers on the home page. Nice blog.