Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

This was our third Independence Day we have celebrated in Austin. Not really a long time but it feels like we have been here much longer. When I look back on the pics of us when we first moved here Summer looked much younger and Toby and I looked much thinner...O'well.

Anyway, as with most holidays Summer and I spent it by ourselves while Toby was at work.

We were both in the mood to get out and about so I was determined to find us something to take up at least part of the day. I decided we would check out the Webberville Riverfest Celebration only 10 minutes from the house.

Unfortunately, I discovered when I got there and started smelling that yummy food that I had forgotten to bring any cash. Luckily we had just eaten lunch but I still hate to pass up the good cookin' that this area has to offer.

There really wasn't much going on...Webberville is about the size of a pin head, but we did make use of what they had to offer there.

Since living in Austin I have taken a liking to hearing the live bands that play at all the events, festivals, restaurants, etc. The band was playing some southern blues rock kind of music...they did a really good version of Star Spangled Banner too...

I wanted to check out the river so Summer and I walked along it. We have canoed here before and I really had the urge to hop in a canoe and paddle down the river...I don't think I will ever get Summer back down that river in a canoe again anyway.

After we walked along the river we had worked up a sweat. The water slide they had set up there looked alluring to Summer and having her 4th of July outfit on didn't stop her from sliding on that slide one zillion times while I stood in the blazing sun waiting on her to tire of it.....

Trying to dry off on the swing...

Fortunately Toby was able to get off work a little early and be home in time to do some fireworks and watch the neighborhood displays.

I think they were a bit glad to see each other and anticipating seeing/doing fireworks...

And as with most holidays, even though we had fun I was glad it was over and everything resumes to normal activity.

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