Monday, March 17, 2014

Cooking Queen

Yep, that's me. I cook a lot. Sometimes I like to cook a lot of food in advance. I feel like it keeps me one step ahead of the game when it comes to meal prep.

So this morning after I took Bo for a run and got Toby off to work I began my prep. Most of my time is consumed by chopping veggies. I REALLY need a good SHARP knife. Equipment is very important when you spend as much time chopping veggies and fruit as I do.

The first thing I tackled was my Pico De Gallo. Toby and I both love Pico. We use it on most everything. Mexican food is one of the few cuisines that is mostly gluten free so aside from the fact that it's my favorite to prep we eat Mexican food a lot!

I guess you could say Pico is Pico, but this is the recipe I use. It must be pretty good because Charlie ate the whole batch by himself while he was here!

We like spicy so I use a little extra jalapeno. I can remember when I was young my grandparents had a garden. Papaw was always out in the garden tending it. They grew their own jalapenos and would eat them with their meals. Not sliced up and seeded mind you, but taking bites of them along with their food. I remember thinking how horrific that was but now I have an affection for jalapenos myself...maybe not to that extent.

Next, I started on my Fat Flushing Soup. Lord knows me and Toby both need a little fat flushing.  I have to admit I love soups with lots of veggies in them but I don't think Toby is real crazy about them. He never complains, but I know by his lack of enthusiasm when I prepare them their not his favorite...

After I got the soup in the crock pot I started on Toby's lunch, Spicy Bean and Tuna Salad. It looked and smelled so good I had to sneak me a few bites before I packaged it to take to him....

After a couple of hours I was sick of being in the kitchen. I didn't mind the the break to take Toby's lunch to him. I took a quick shower and asked Skye and the dog if they wanted to ride with me to deliver Toby's lunch to him.

On the way home as we turned into our neighborhood there were two guys crossing the street directly in front of us on their horses. I'm assuming that Bo has never seen horses up close because he went BALLISTIC when he saw them. Mental note: Never take Bo around horses for the riders and HIS safety.

It was a busy but productive day.

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