Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finished Up

I have a bad habit of dipping my hands into too many different hobbies. I've always been like that. I bore easily, so I move from one thing to another without truly perfecting an interest.

I'm trying to change that. Since it's crocheting I've been doing the longest I decided that would be the one that I perfected. I love the rhythmic feel of crocheting but I have to admit I have a problem comprehending the instructions to more novice crochet projects. Therefore,  my projects are usually simple in nature....beanies, afghans, pillows, tote bags..that sort of thing. I would never torture myself by tackling a garment project.

While Charlie was visiting I was working on a small baby blanket. Because I was using leftover yarn I couldn't be too choosy about the color combinations. I did the best I could with what I had on hand. My ever so honest brother-in-law let me know that he didn't like the colors. All the Ackerman men are afflicted with blatant honesty. Sometimes I find it useful..other times not so much.

Here is the finished piece....

As I've said before, I spend a lot of time cooking these days. Most the time I don't mind. Cooking is creative and I like creativity but sometimes if I have been busy or we are in a rush to get somewhere it can be a bit stressful.

My solution has been to try and come up with simple GF meals when we are in a pinch or if I just don't feel like putting out a lot of effort for a meal.

This isn't necessarily one of the easiest meals to prepare it's not hard and it's one of our favorites for breakfast. Skye even eats this MEAT POTATO QUICHE without balking. If you want to make it vegetarian you can omit the meat. I also use freshly grated potato and fresh parsley in mine...

These peanut butter cookies are a favorite of Toby's and Skye's. I can only imagine why. They are FULL of sugar. I don't particularly care for them and only make these PAULA DEAN MAGICAL PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES every so often because of the sugar content. In my defense, I do use the 'healthy' peanut butter....

On a different note we did have a little excitement while Charlie was in town. Skye had been out playing basketball with the neighborhood kids next door when she came running inside telling us there was some weird clouds circling the sun.

Her tone and manner let me know it was something worth getting up and taking a gander at. Toby, Charlie and I all ran out to see what the matter was.

We all watched it for awhile contemplating what it could be that was rotating the sun. We finally grabbed the binoculars to see that it was random numbers, letters and symbols. Because the sun was so bright and it appeared to be forming right around the sun we couldn't see there were planes forming those letters, numbers and symbols. It appeared from the visual senses to be forming from thin air.  I have to admit that for awhile I couldn't come up with a logical explanation...

PI in the Sky!!!

Only in Austin.

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