Sunday, March 16, 2014


After years of doing my grocery shopping at Walmart I discovered HEB for grocery shopping when I moved to Texas. Discovering HEB made me feel like I had died and gone to grocery store heaven. There was no turning back to Walmart. Unfortunately, I have to drive 12 miles to both the nearest HEB AND Walmart...until recently.

Finally, after 6 long years Walmart was built in our little neck of the woods just a mere 3 miles from my house. I have to admit I was a wee bit ecstatic even if it was Walmart. You can talk all that noise about Walmart's policies and business practices until you are inconveniently located  from an affordable 'loaf of bread and milk'. First hand experience tells me it REALLY SUCKS to get home and discover you have forgotten a pertinent item on your list or you just need a couple of items but you have to drive twelve miles and waste a half tank of gas for basic items.

As much as I hate it, since Walmart arrived I have leaned on them a little more than I logically prefer. That said, I still have almost a full tank of gas 3 days after it was pumped. I'm a city girl. A girl of convenience. I like it that way. I hardly think that part of me will ever change.

So this morning I begged strongly urged Skye to go with me to Walmart. Her birthday is just around the corner and she has requested a bike. I wanted to make sure the bike she had in mind was the same one I had in mind. Don't want to make any mistakes for a 13th! She doesn't know it yet but she is also getting an Ipad Mini. I have spent the last couple of years sharing my Ipad and I WANT IT BACK ALL TO MYSELF!!

Somehow when she goes grocery shopping with me I always end up coming home with more junk food and a bigger purchase receipt than what I typically do. I make a mental note of this at the register.

On another note, coincidental things happen sometimes. Just the other day I was looking for a particular picture I had of me and Skye when she was a baby. Her birthday is coming up and since it's her 13th I'm wanting to make a picture collage. I searched everywhere but I couldn't find the particular picture I was looking for.

Here is the coincidental part; Years ago, I had given my dad a copy of the picture I was looking for. Ironically he sent me the picture via e-mail the other day...the same day I was looking for the pic. No words. No explanation. Just an attachment of the picture.

I think the reason I always loved the picture is because my dad liked it. My dad is one of those people that it's hard to impress so I always figured it must be a pretty impressive pic. Daddy calls this picture 'classically artistic'. I ordinarily wouldn't take much stock in the label but since it comes from my dad I appreciate it....

Me and Skye Year 2001
Skye trying to teach me how to do 'selfies' while we waited in the car for Toby while he was in the bank....

I think I have way more fun than what I deserve...


  1. 13 ....... official teenager! We once knew a man who was convinced that birthday gifts should be given to the mom, not the child, since the mom was the one who had done all the work. It would never work, since mothers always want to give things to their children.

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