Friday, March 21, 2014

Not As Planned

All last night I dreamed about crocheting. I attribute it to the fact that I REALLY wanted to hang out on my Ipad and search a new crochet project on Pinterest but Skye was consumed with it.

I don't ever have the heart to ask her for it when she's using it. She would give it over willingly without a fuss but I'm self-sacrificing in that sort of way. In my mind the thought is that I'm taking her pleasure away so I can have pleasure. It would just seem rude.

In addition, she has a lot of useful/educational apps and sites that she devours on it. I certainly don't want to take her knowledge away from her.

That's okay, I sort of made up for it today. It didn't really matter anyway, I have so many project ideas running through my head that I'm pretty overwhelmed with making a decision at the moment.

Toby called me from work today and informed me our one and only shop artist is going to be having surgery this week. Over a year ago he was in a motorcycle accident that did some pretty extensive damage to his hip so he will be out for a week or two from hip surgery - which means Toby will have to work his hours while he is out.

We decided that since the shop is closed on Tues. and it is suppose to be beautiful weather tomorrow we would take the day for a fun outdoor activity. Since I'm the activity coordinator, I decided that kayaking Town Bird Lake would be fun for us all....well, most of us anyway.

Even though Town Bird Lake is calm and no motorized boats are allowed in the lake my fear of water has me imagining all sorts of boat capsizing scenarios.

We will see how well it goes tomorrow.

UPDATE: Blogger glitched and I never got around to blogging this post. No, we didn't end up going kayaking. I was really wishy-washy about going when I awoke the next morning because it was really windy. Maneuvering a kayak on a windy lake just seemed a little more effort than I felt like putting out.

It also helped make my decision that Robin had offered to bring over her tiller for us to borrow. I really am looking forward to getting me a garden started this spring. Nothing big or fancy, but functional.

It wasn't a wasted day. Toby and I got ran some errands and picked Skye up a bike for her birthday. We gave it to her early so she could take advantage of this nice weather we've had lately.  She has rode it for three days straight.

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