Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Beautiful Saturday

I don't know why, but this morning I woke in such a peaceful mood. Maybe because when I looked out the window the weather was perfect. The sun was shining and the temps were in the 70's. We puttered around the house for a little while and since Toby didn't have to be to work until later, we decided to go to the park down the road.

It was a little after noon when we got there. I couldn't figure out why everytime we go there, there is never many people there enjoying this beautiful park. Then I realized that Austin has Sooooo many parks and other outdoor activites to offer that people don't have to flock to one particular place for a good time.

In Mobile, there are so few family oriented things to do, that when something new comes along it is usually packed full of people. Here, there is enough activities to go around so the crowds are at a minimum.

Anyway, after enjoying the park for a while we went back to the house for some lunch. Soon, Toby left for work and Summer and I still wanted to "seize the day" so we took a walk to the end of the neighborhood where the elementary school is. The school's playground is really nice and has some playground features that I have never seen before on a playground.

On our walk back to the house I noticed there is also a neighborhood playground that I had never noticed. This place has more parks and playgrounds than I have ever seen!

Here is a pic of Summer and Brandi enjoying the backyard after we got back home.

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