Friday, February 8, 2008

Just Some Random Thoughts And A Funny Story

I probably spend WAY too much time on the computer than I should considering the city I'm in, but in truth Austin is like any other southern city. Things really don't start happening around here until March. Plus, the winter has given us time to get settled in to our new home and get to know Austin.

Now that the weather has warmed a little, I am getting excited about the festivals and events they have around here that will be starting in March. Also, Lucas will be coming for a 2 week visit during spring break in March. I really miss him. I talk to him every couple of days. He is such a smart and well adjusted boy and I am so grateful that I have a son that I can be proud of.

Well, here is the funny story. Toby didn't find it really funny when I told him but hopefully my readers will. Here goes:

Yesterday I had some old biscuits that Summer and I were chunking into the greenbelt behind us. I had Brandi, my little 5 lb dog out there with us. There were some hawks or eagles....I couldn't tell which, flying overhead. I decided to try and attract the birds with the food by throwing it into the air towards them.

I got excited because I soon noticed that the large birds were flying directly over us....then I realized that what attracted them was not the morsels of bread, but my little 5lb morsel. I quickly scooped her up and we all headed inside. Whew! That was a close one.

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  1. Oh yes! You really have to be careful of large birds with a small dog! They will swoop them up & there are stories of it happening.