Thursday, February 14, 2008

Come on Ride That Train

Believe it or not we are still not totally settled in our new state yet. The things you have to do to move out of state is never ending. We still have to get our drivers licence....which we tried to do today, but didn't have 1 piece of info that we needed to complete the process. This means we will have to make another trip to the DL place to tie up that end.

And, of course we still have to find a credit union here to put our money in. After the little fiasco at closing with our credit union in Mobile we have decided it is best to have our money "close by our side". Not that we have a whole lot of money, but it seems that the money that we do have is strewn everywhere in different accounts. I would feel much better if it were all in one place. So that's another time consuming thing to conquer.

Just little details that take up precious time.

Oh, and Toby got another job so we had to move him to another shop. He found another job that is on 6th street (downtown Austin) which will be alot better for him. Since he is new to the area he needs to build his clientelle. This shop is in the center of "all the action" and has a lot of traffic. This shop will allow him to make a lot of money and meet many new potential clients. I am excited for him.

So anyway, I'm hoping that by the time spring officially hits, we can begin to see all of Austin. This city is so big that we have only seen 1/4 of it in the 2 1/2 months that we have been here. Austin is a lot like Mobile in the fact that they hibernate in the winter. Activities really begin to kick off in March when it begins to warm up.

When we went downtown today we did finally get to ride the Zilker Park train. Although it was warm, it was really windy today so of course I was cold. Matter of fact, I am beginning to think that this is just a windy city. It seems like since we have been here it's always windy. I guess there are not enough trees to cut down the wind......this will probably be a good thing in the summer months.

Here are some pics of us at Zilker.

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