Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Scorpions, Oh My!

It's been really sunny and warm here these past couple of days. My day trip that I have planned for the week isn't until Sunday, so we have spent this week enjoying our new yard. We went to Walmart and replenished Summer's outdoor stuff that we had left behind in Mobile. Our neigborhood has sidewalks and we have a large concrete driveway perfect for a bike and a pair of roller skates. I really felt overindulgent when I bought her two new things in one day, but then I rationalized it by remembering that, because of our move, she didn't have much of a Christmas last year.

Today we went to the park down the road and played a little basketball and fished a little bit. We are not fishermen in this household. There were plenty of fish to be caught but we weren't catching them. We had fun trying anyway.

Austin has an abundance of whole and organic food. There are plenty of farmers markets and whole food stores here. Anyway, in our little town there is a farmers market every Wed. I had been wanting to check it out for a while and hadn't got the chance, but today after the park we rode up there to see what is was all about.

There are alot of farms where we live so I was really wanting to get some "real" meat and fresh vegetables. The selection was pretty good but being still winter the selection of veggies was mainly "winter" vegetables. The lady told me the market doesn't really kick-off until around May.

I was pleased to see a selection of fresh "homegrown" meat. I was looking for chicken but didn't see any. I ended up buying a lb of ground beef. Toby and I are curious to see if we can tell the difference in taste. Last week while doing my weekly shopping in Walmart I had to buy some "organic" chicken because they didn't have any of the cheap stuff. Summer ate it like crazy........she doesn't usually eat her meat so well. The natural food cult is slowly brainwashing me. :-)

The farmers market is held at a very small "park" in downtown Manor. It's more like an area than a park. There is only a gazebo and a covered area with some picnic tables. But today when we stopped in for the farmers market we noticed some new "equipment" there. I really wish I had my camera with me because it was almost funny to see. They called it adult playground equipment. It was made out of the same stuff they make the new playground equipment out of but it was in the form of excercise equipment......and it really worked! I really have to post some pics for you to get the true picture of what it was.

I moved to Austin to get a bigger city with more activities and ended up buying a house in a small town outside of a big city and LOVE it here. It's so nice to be able to access the best of both worlds. If I want activity, I go to Austin. If I want peace and quite I stay home. I hope one day I don't wake up and realize I have been dreaming!

I know I have been rambling but when I don't post for a couple of days I feel like I need to catch up.

Before we moved to Texas I had heard rumors of scorpions. Since we have been here we have not seen any....until today. While Toby was sweeping out the garage he spotted it. A scorpion, it was very small, about the size of a nickle or dime. Because we have never seen a scorpion out of a cage, we couldn't figure out if this was a baby or a full grown scorpion. I'm sure there are many species of them. Anyway, here is a pic of the one Toby found:

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