Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love and War

Let me start out by saying that the water quality here in Texas is not the greatest. There is alot of lime (from all the limestone in the area) in the water which leaves spots and a film on all your freshly washed dishes. To compensate for all of this and probably other things we don't know about yet, they load the water down with chlorine.....which makes our water very hard and it smells and taste a bit like chlorox bleach....if you were to drink bleach.

Well, my husband being the water lover that he is could not tolerate "icky" water, so he went out and bought a fairly expensive water purifying system from Home Depot. Still all good with me until he decides that he is the one that is going to install it. Hmmmmm....Toby does have a certain experience with "plumbing" from being a welder, but I'm not sure yet how extensive this job is. The house was built with a "hookup" for a water purifying sytem in a little closet inside of our bedroom.( I guess they know how bad the water is here) so that means that's where the contrapment is going to have to be.....

Still o.k. right? NOT!

Well, long story made short, my carpet barely made it through the installment. Water was spewing everywhere. Needless to say, we called the "real plumbers" and ended up paying almost $300. In matters of flooded brand new homes, it's best to pay the professionals.:-)

Toby and I hardly ever fight, but this water thing was a true test of our love for each other. In the end I felt really bad because I had really been a girl dog about the whole thing. I demeaned his need for pure water and I'm sure I made him feel very inadequate about his manly knowlege. After the trauma of it all, I apologized to him and of course as always like a "real man", he forgave me instantly.

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